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About Company

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Purshotam Group of Companies is a leading solar module mounting structure & Tubes supplier, specialized in developing and manufacturing solar module mounting structure. We don't only provide top quality and innovative products but also timely delivery, top grade services and comprehensive solutions for our valued customers. Our technical experts and consultants have rich experience in engineering, manufacturing and international standards which ensure great quality and convenient usage. With our high quality products and product innovation, Our products are demanded by installers, distributors and agents around the world.

Purshotam provides a series of Steel Stuctures covering all fields of solar power projects and EPC industry. To meet our customer's special requirements, our strong engineering team also provides customized solutions.

Purshotam takes customer's satisfaction as our priority and takes "keeping innovation" as our mission, which ensure Purshotam provides the most advanced and reliable products for solar industry.

We also believe that photovoltaic (PV) solar energy possess a very bright future in tomorrow’s energy picture. At Purshotam’s, the trust is in favor of PV solar becoming a vital source of energy, particularly meeting peak demand and energy security needs. The PV industry keeps bringing down the production costs; in fact the price of solar system has been more than halved between 2006 and 2010. However, regulatory support and incentive schemes will still play a vital role in a stable deployment of solar energy in years to come.